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Welcome to this site, mainly written in danish. Here I will give a short summary, of what you can find.

Mainly, the purpose of this site is to show some of the media-productions mentioned in the writing, in the Sharing is Caring-book, that you are reading rigth now.

So if a picture says more than a thousand words, I think, due to my english-skills, this link below is quite handy for both of us.

Below you can see my speech at Sharing is Caring 2012.

Video: cc:by Peter Leth


Just as all Danish GLAMs are invited to join and use Skoletube as a way to get in touch with more than 500.000 Danish pupils and teachers, you are as well.

If You represent a GLAM and want to see how you can engage and benefit from opening up, why not try it with perhaps the most leading nation in the world when it comes to experimenting with media-didactics and using ict in education?

We (the company I work in) offer full access to a scholastic playground, that the school know and use every day. If your content or ideas in any way appeal to the Danish schools, this could be an easy way to experiment with the synergy that comes when open content meets busy-bodies.

Please feel free to write or Skype me, if interested. The offer is of course free- all we want is that you want the best for our schools.

Peter Leth

Senior consultant Lær IT
Educational Advisor Creative Commons Denmark / Skype peter.leth1

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